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Attention: Hunters and Fishermen

Montana Hunting


Montana Fishing


 This guest bagged a cow elk and buck deer in a single hunt.


Our son's fish and dog photo (right) is on the front cover of a major fishing lures catalog!


Montana Elk Hunting:  Fish Wildlife and Parks info say that approximately 50% of the elk harvested in Montana comes from our area, region 3, and 60% of region 3 is made up of public lands (that means land you can hunt on).

Important Tips for Big Game Hunting in Montana:

1. Montana is wide open county, and you may have to shoot a long distance to bring down your game. Remember this when selecting the rifle you will use.  Flat shooting, long-range rifles are necessary.  We recommend 7 mm mag; 300 mag; 338. We do not recommend 30-30, 30.06; 243 (not for elk; deer is ok).

2. Elk, antelope and deer are abundant, but most of them will not be shot from your vehicle. Bring hiking boots and plan to drive and walk if possible.

3. You want to sight in your rifle before you hunt, even if you did this at home. Traveling might have jostled your scopes. We have a sighting range at the cabins that you are welcome to use, without charge, to our guests.

4. Check sunrise and sunset time in the hunting manual. Laws are strictly enforced.

5. After a day of hunting, you will be tempted to head back to the cabin before dark.  This is a mistake.  The best hunting is the first hour of the day and the last hour of the day. Check the sunset time in the MT hunting guide; you are allowed another 30 minutes, and DON'T head back until the hunting time is over.  Many hunters get tired and want to head back as the sun is going down.  Instead, find a good spot and hunker down. This could be your big moment!


Fishing on Clark Canyon Reservoir, Beaverhead River, Red Rock River, Horse Prairie Creek, Madison River, Jefferson River and Big Hole River. Winter ice fishing on Clark Canyon Reservoir. Summer float trips and fishing guides available.

Clark Canyon Reservoir is a several minute drive from the cabins. Brown, rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout, ling and other species are in all the nearby streams and lakes. River float trips available on all the rivers.


Ice Fishing on Clark Canyon Reservoir near Dillon, MT
Rainbow trout taken by Paul Peck, owner of the Montana Guest Cabins. (We will tell you our secrets....)





Successful bull elk hunt.

Montana vacation rentals are in the best elk hunting area in theMontana Fish, Wildlife and Parks lower 48 states. The Montana Fish and Wildlife Bureau reported that over 50% of all elk taken in Montana are from the area where the cabins are located.  Here is a map of the hunting areas of Montana.  We are in region 3 (hunting area 329).


Our son with trout he caught in the nearby Clark Canyon Reservoir.



Guests show off their catch.




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